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Events and Activities

Many members mentioned that the two main reasons they joined the Zonta club are for involvement in community services and fellowship. On a regular basis, we organise a variety of fellowship gatherings which were thoroughly enjoyed by all participants.

Members wine, dine, chat, and have fun at various fellowship gatherings and Zonta International Events.

Flower arrangement
Members learned the art and skill of flower arrangement from sister Zontian Lydia Chan.

Members took part in a fun-filled bread making session to learn how to make tradional bread like "cocktail buns" and "Mexican buns."

Dinner at Sei Ge Tsu
The first fellowship gathering in year 2010 took place at Sei Ge Tsu, a Japanese restaurant run by Zontian Jane Cheung's family. As expected, good food, great wine, terrific music (members were invited to sing to the band), giggles and laughters dominated the evening. Can't you smell the aroma of the charcoal grilled chicken wings via the web page?

Fun in Macau
Members who joined the 5 June 2010 fellowship gathering (Susan, Bonnie, Rosaline, Elena, Paula, Canissa and Laura) in Macau had some real fun. Thanks to Elena who put in so much hard work to plan the itinerary and organize the trip, we managed to undertake a wide range of activities within a short break-away– fine dining at a Michelin 3-star restaurant, letting our hair down in a Karaoke club, and walking through museums to appreciate art and reminisce the old times. We just have to do this kind of “fusion” outings more often.

Palm Island Trip
A major fellowship activity in 2011 was a 2-day resort trip to Palm Island to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Besides the current members, all friends of Zonta were invited. It ended up having current members, their families and friends, friends of Zonta, prospective members and other Zonta Club members joining. Besides eating and chatting, mahjong, karoke and golfing were of course some of the favorite activities. But the highlights were the group game “CHARADE” during dinner and the WAR GAME. When playing “CHARDE”, you may see that there is no generation gap between parents and kids; you may see that a medical doctor or a senior executive who may behave like a naughty, creative teenager. Could you imagine a group of women, who may have difficulty to run for 10 minutes, wearing safari uniform, holding a AK747 gun, running around to avoid their enemies and to try to penetrate into their enemy’s base?

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